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Cremation Services

 When it comes to cremation services, families have trusted us for over 100 years.  We provide a secure and trustworthy process, providing you peace of mind.  We have earned a reputation of honestly and reliability. Let us help your family.

 Cremation Assured

We promise to provide you affordable cremation choices and follow the most rigorous and exacting cremation procedures to assure you the most trusted cremation services.

 Cremation Chioces

We provide flexible and affordable choices responsive to today's families.  Simple direct cremation, memorial services, traditional service and everything in between, we are here to help.  Call us to discuss your wishes. Our staff is committed to providing you with exactly what you need and want.

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Medicaid Considerations 

For those families on Medicaid/SSI, please call us to discuss how we can provide you our trusted cremation services at little or no cost to you. Our helpful staff can assist you through the entire process. There is no obligation.