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Medicaid-Irrevocable Trusts

Applicants or recipients of Medicaid in New York State may arrange the funeral of their choice and set aside the funds needed in an Irrevocable Funeral Trust.  Money properly placed in this account through our funeral home is completely exempt from Medicaid resource limits.

5 Things You Should Know

1.  There is No Fee to make pre-arrangements or establish an Irrevocable Funeral Trust with our funeral home.

2.  All funds are deposited in a Bank and are FDIC Insured for your security.

3.  All of our prearrangement contracts are in 100% compliance of Medicaid/SSI rules and regulations.

4.  Individuals may select any funeral services they desire.  Medicaid allows any reasonable amount of money to be placed in a trust for future funeral or cremation services.

5.  With our Guaranteed Funeral Trusts, you can avoid paying funeral expenses in the future.

Funeral Trusts for Family Members

Applicants or recipients of Medicaid in New York State may establish Irrevocable Funeral Trusts, not only for themselves, but also for their spouse and other immediate family members.  Money properly placed in these trusts is totally exempt from Medicaid resource limits.

Certified Preplanning Consultants (CPC)

We are the only funeral home on Long Island with Certified PrePlanning Consultants on staff to help you protect your assets and establish Irrevocable Trusts.  This certification reflects our commitment to exceptionally high standards and a knowledgeable staff.

What You Should Do Now . . .

Call our staff to discuss PrePlanning and Medicaid/Irrevocable Trusts without obligation.  We are glad to make appointments in our office, at your home, or through the mail for you total convenience.

A Special Gift for You . . .

Tell us that you saw this special offer on our website when you establish a Funeral Trust and we would be pleased to offer you the choice of one of the following at no cost: Life Tribute DVD; Cube Sheet Metal urn; Custom Printed Photo Prayer Cards; or $100 Credit.