What We Do | Robertaccio Funeral Home

What Makes Us Distinct

We believe a lot of little changes add up to a big difference in funeral service. Our client centered focus, affordable costs, experienced staff and our commitment to excellence, sets us apart as a firm.


Our staff understands today's families and their unique needs. We are committed to providing you with the exact services you desire. We have the knowledge and expertise to make all of your decisions of funeral service simple, affordable and easy to understand.

Client Centered

Our client-centered approach focuses on helping you. We strive at all times to ensure that you have the exact type of funeral arrangements you desire. We provide complete information about available options so you can make the choices that are right for you and your family. We provide cost information and other helpful advice freely over the phone or in a personal conference without obligation.


Our firm has been recognized by the National Funeral Director's Association with the prestigious "Pursuit of Excellence Award" for outstanding funeral service and service to our community. In fact, we have received this award every year since 1991 and have been inducted into their Hall of Excellence. This honor has been awarded to less than 100 of the country's 22,000 funeral homes.


We have set the standard for excellence in funeral service with our nationally recognized staff. We believe that it is absolutely necessary to have the most educated, professional, knowledgeable, & experienced staff. All of our professional activities in funeral service are conducted by NY State Licensed funeral directors; all of whom far exceed minimum requirements from the state. All of our staff has the distinction of being called a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP) which is a national distinction in funeral service for an overwhelming commitment to continuing education, community involvement, and professional leadership. We also belong to the following professional organizations, both local and national, to stay on the cutting edge of service to our families:

- National Funeral Director's Association

- Selected Independent Funeral Homes

- Cremation Association of North America

- New York State Funeral Director's Association

- Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice

- Nassau-Suffolk Funeral Director's Association


Our pledge to you is to provide the finest funeral & cremation care responsive to your exact desires. If any item of our professional services is not completely satisfactory to you, simply explain in writing. We will immediately correct it, or you will not be charged for this item of service. If you find the total of your itemized services lower at any other Long Island funeral home for the same services, simply provide us their current General Price list and we will refund the difference.