FEMA FinancialAssistance Program

In early April, FEMA will begin providing financial assistance for funeral expenses incurred for deaths related to COVID-19 to help ease some of the financial stress and burden caused by the pandemic. 


The new FEMA Financial Assistance Program is intended to reimburse individuals who paid the funeral expenses of a family member who died as a direct result of Covid-19.   

Please click on the guide below to view the FEMA Guide and Policy.  

FEMA Application Flyer

FEMA Funeral Assistance Guide

FEMA Funeral Assistance Full Policy

Funeral Directors are not able to apply as an applicant and FEMA will NOT pay any funds directly to a funeral home.  It is the applicants responsibility for the application and suppling any necessary documentation.  

Quick Fact About The Program

  • This is a reimbursement program.  No funds can be used for a current funeral.
  • The deceased in the application must have died from Covid-19 or as a result of Covid-19
  • Death certificate must state Covid-19
  • Maximum reimbursement is $9,000
  • Any funds from a third party that paid funeral expenses are not reimbursable to the applicant.  For example, Life Insurance, Go-Fund Me, Companies/Employers, Charitable Donations, etc.