Our Commitment to You

We know costs often play a role when planning a service.  That is why we have a Help Every Family Guarantee.  It is our commitment to provide every family with affordable funeral and cremation choices.  In fact, if we provide you with the most confidence and convenience, but you are using someone else based on their price,  we will match their price.  This is our Help Every Family Guarantee

We Make Cost Information Easy and Convenient

- We provide complete cost information over the phone and will gladly send, fax or e-mail a written confirmation upon request.

- We offer a full range of casket choices and costs.

- We itemize our charges. You may select only the particular items you desire.

- We offer rental caskets with our cremation choices and some of our cremation choices do not require the purchase of any casket at all.

- Our Service & Price Guarantee is your assurance of affordable costs.

Know Your Rights

Funeral Homes are required to provide you the following:

- Price information over the phone

- A written and itemized statement of all charges

- Three price lists: General Price List; Casket Price List; Outer Interment Receptacle Price List

Eight Ways to Help You Save at our Funeral Home

- Consider Pre-Planning. It allows better financial decisions because it gives you the time to consider your choices and make decisions without stress and confusion.

- Consider our Guaranteed Cost Pre-Planning options.

- Use our price list to consider your available choices and their costs.

- With our itemized prices; you only incur expenses that you desire.

- We have a full selection of casket choices. Consider casket choices that provide the best value for you.

- Consider our Simple Choice Options.

- With cremation, consider our rental casket or our choices that do not require a casket at all.

- Our Service & Price Guarantee is your assurance of the most affordable cost.