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Funeral Services

your choice

Choices that make sense for YOU

Simple, affordable and easy to understand choices are what families want today.  Our arrangements are flexible and based on the individual needs of your family.

Traditional Funeral

Traditional funerals are still the most commonly selected service.  You choose:

  •  A visiting period that is convenient for your family.  The start time and duration is up to you.  This can be with or without viewing.
  • A service at the funeral home or your place of worship. Or we can help create a non-religious service that might involve your favorite music, hobbies or sports teams with family eulogies.
  • Whichever cemetery you choose, out staff will take care of all the arrangements for you.   Deeds, paperwork, permits... don't worry, we'll take care of it.  

Simple Service & Graveside Service

Just like a traditional funeral, a simple service still allows for family and friends to gather together and celebrate a life, just abbreviated.  

  • A simple service would typically involve a brief visiting period, or service at your place of worship, followed by the burial.  All in the same day.
  • A graveside service would eliminate the visiting period all together and family and friends would gather directly at the cemetery for a final service before burial.

Why We're Different

All the little things we do add up.  Providing affordable choices, a kind and experienced staff, and making everything SIMPLE is so important.  We are genuinely trying to help your family, because we have one too.

We'll make available to you at no additional charge:

  • Add A Custom Photo To The Memorial Cards 
  • Video Tribute of Family Photos displayed on one of our flat screen TVs
  • Photo Collage Boards so you don't have to go to the craft store.
  • Personalized Music Selections
  • Personalized Online Obituary
  • Beautiful, Clean and Comfortable Gathering Spaces
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff
We Will Also:
  • Notify Social Security for you
  • Obtain Death Certificates
  • Help File Any Insurance or Benefits Claims
  • Coordinate All Services With Military, Fire Department or Police Department

the best thing to do is

Call Us Now

Helpful Information - Accurate Pricing - No Obligation - No Hidden Fees

Every situation and service is a little different.  That's why we think it's best to give us a call for pricing and  questions. We will freely discuss the choices & cost with you so you have an Accurate Price that Doesn't Change with No Hidden Fees.  And there's No Obligation.