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Memorial Services

A Modern celebration of life

Memorial Service

Memorial services are a contemporary way to remember your loved one and celebrate their life.  

Celebrating Life

Memorial services are typically more uplifting and personalized than other services.  Typically after cremation, with or without their remains present, a memorial service gives family and friends the opportunity to celebrate their loved ones' life and accomplishments.  

  • Days and times are flexible for your needs.  There is never an additional cost for nights or weekends.
  • We can arrange clergy during this time or help you organize a fitting remembrance with eulogies, music, etc.
  • We'll provide you with all a large table as a focal point to place their urn, photos, flowers, or important memorabilia to make the space uniquely your own.

Why Choose Us

  • Our kind and helpful staff will make the memorial you want as easy as possible.
  • Very reasonable and affordable choices. Why pay for things you don't need. Let us know what you would like the service to be and we'll freely tell you the cost, without obligation.
  • A lot of our offerings are complimentary, at no additional cost to you, like adding a Custom Photo to the Memorial Cards, creating a Tribute Video of family photos that's yours to keep after, an Online Obituary, and Collage Boards to display your pictures.

The best thing to do is

Call Us Now

Accurate Price - Helpful Information - No Obligation - No Hidden Fees

Every situation and service is a little different.  That's why we think it's best to give us a call for pricing and  questions. We will freely discuss the choices & cost with you so you have an Accurate Price that Doesn't Change with No Hidden Fees.  And there's No Obligation.   What's the point of looking at prices online if it's not the price you'll have to pay.